Westside Hearing and Balance Clinic
Westside Hearing and Balance Clinic
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  Whether it’s for you, your family or for your patients, we are able to offer the knowledge, care and expertise to accurately assess hearing loss and listening problems for both children and adults.


With years of experience in the field of hearing loss and hearing solutions, our Audiologists are able to provide the best advice concerning the next step.

It may be on-going hearing management, a referral to the right specialist or the latest in hearing aid technology.

We have the most up-to-date technical expertise in all facets of hearing assessment and hearing aid fittings, BAHA and Cochlear Implants.

Our reputation is important to us.  We have the confidence and trust of family doctors and ENT Specialists who show their trust in our services by continuing to refer their patients to us for their hearing care.

Our patients also show their confidence and support by recommending our services and by their loyalty to the clinic. 

Both clinics are independent hearing specialist clinics in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. 

Westside Hearing and Balance Clinic in Auburn was established in 1994 with The Hearing Clinic in Bankstown established in 2000.









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