Let our clients tell you what they experienced at Westside Hearing and Balance Clinic

I have been coming here for 5 years and have had excellent care. The Audiologists have also visited our church to speak with senior members of the congregation.
Jeanette ( January 2024)

It is a great clinic.
Caelan ( January 2024)

10/10 Excellent
John ( January 2024)

Friendly and efficient. Professional service every time.
Lyndsay ( November 2023)

Front receptionist was very helpful and Audiologist very helpful with children.

Gamillah ( March 2023)

Kim is awesome. I had a really good experience for my son. She explained everything in detail and answered all my questions and he was also really comfortable with her.
Ayse: (January 2023)

Such a wonderful, happy team. Very kind and professional. So patient with my Mum.
Sofie: (January 2023)

We were lucky to get an appointment at Westside before the start of the school year. Very happy with the kind Audiologist who explained all of the test results and recommended a Speech Pathologist in our area.
Josephine: (January 2023)

Very nice and caring.
Sabah: (January 2023)

Thank you Mariam for your patience with my busy 4 year old Dylan. He enjoyed the “listening game”.

Bella: (January 2023)

Great service, lovely Audiologist.
Jacob: (January 2023)

We think this clinic is awesome.
Sam (December 2022)

My son thought it was fun. Professional service
Mary (September 2022)

Great Service
Mahmoud (September 2022)

My son enjoyed his hearing test so much he didn’t want to leave. Caring and professional staff
Kieran (August 2022)

Patient, kind
Jim (August 2022)

Very professional clinic and Audiologists. Thank you for the care you take.
Angela (August 2022)

Fast, efficient and professional
Busra (August 2022)

The staff are amazing. Patient, kind an understanding.
Mariam (August 2022)

Very beautiful people
Sarah (August 2022)

10/10 Great service
Hayley (July 2022)

Staff are amazing
Sam (July 2022)

Friendly and competent. My husband has been a client here for many years.
Irene (July 2022)

Helpful, welcoming and able to answer all enquires.
Mariam (June 2022)

Needed a test for work. Appointment was on time. Very professional Audiologist who explained the test results. Report was ready for me to take. Highly recommended.
Abraham (May 2022)

Kim is great. She explains everything clearly for my Mum. Her hearing aids are such a help for her …and the family
Mariam (May 2022)

My doctor referred me for a balance test for my vertigo. Very thorough testing with specialist equipment.
Simon (May 2022)

Very professional team
Tony (May 2022)

My 2 girls (Michaela 4 and Josie 3) love coming here. Jacqui is so good with little ones. She makes a hearing check-up so entertaining.
Elizabeth (May 2022)

A lovely clinic with kind attentive staff
Shirley (May 2022)

Always good with children
Shayna (April 2022)

Very friendly service – every time.
Susan (April 2022)

Angelie’s extremely friendly service.
Aisha (April 2022)

Very friendly and reassuring. Feels comfortable.

Gul (April 2022)

Have given them a 10/10 for their friendly service and friendly staff.
Helena (March 2022)

Good service and full explanation of results.
Vivienne (March 2022)

The best staff. My father has been a long time patient from their Bankstown clinic, which unfortunately had to close. He still insists on traveling to Auburn to see them. So helpful
Domenico (March 2022)

So helpful

Melek (February 2022)

Very professional and compassionate service. I am a carer for a bedridden resident of a nursing home whose assistive listening device had broken. A part was ordered and arrived the next day. A new updated assistive listening device was ordered as well. Everyone in the area knows about your clinic.
Suzanna (February 2022)

Excellent and professional service. Suggested by my good friend Belinda
Chantelle (February 2022)

I first attended the Clinic with my young grandson, who has always been treated with the most gentle care, which makes him very relaxed at his appointments.

After my hearing test, Karima asked me if I had ever considered hearing aids, as she thought they would help me considerably. To tell the truth I was horrified and a bit upset.  I decided to give them a trial, as my family had been complaining for sometime that I was not hearing their conversation.

Would you believe I absolutely love them!!!  I can hear so many things I’ve been missing. The funniest occurrence was when I first received my “aids”.  I thought we were having a hail storm, when in fact it was the jug boiling.  Also I have the sound on the TV about 49-50 instead of 100.

I can honestly recommend anyone having hearing difficulties to attend The Hearing Clinic Bankstown where you will receive the absolute best attention.

I do hope I haven’t raved on, but I am so pleased with my “aids” and the wonderful service afforded to me.


The BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid) has changed my life.  To be able to hear with such depth and clarity has enabled me to enjoy concerts, theatre and television.  It used to be burdensome to eat at a restaurant with a group of friends.  If my right ear was not in a direct line of hearing, I could barely hear the conversation. Similarly at parties I struggled to join in conversations when voices competed with the background noise.  I learned a minimum form of lip reading, not enough to respond to a story someone was telling me.  Do I smile or cry?

The procedure for the installation of the abutment was painless and simple.  I could hardly bear the wait until the hearing device was attached.  In the initial assessment a sample device gave me an indication of what I could expect.  It was the most exciting experience in my life.

Catherine Bruce has been a long term friend.  When she contacted me early in 2010 to invite me to have a consultation, I thought I had been shanghaied and in for hearing aids which I did not want, having seen my mother’s frustration with her devices.  No.  It was a miracle.  Catherine and her team were too good.  The care and responsibility were excellent.  The BAHA group worked in well as a support and continue to do so.

To have a four year old grandson whom I can hear effortlessly adds to my joy of being a BAHA wearer.  Occasionally I see people whose device is visible. I am not shy in engaging in a conversation about its wonders.

We all delight in the hearing that is natural to others.

My only regret is that it was not available during my teaching career.


Just a few lines to tell you how happy I am with my Cochlear Implant and how it has improved my hearing by 75%, I had worked with Telstra since 1971.  In 1985 I noticed that my hearing was slowly fading.  I was diagnosed with Industrial Deafness.  By 1986 I was wearing hearing aids on both my ears.  I have been going to Westside Hearing and Balance Clinic in Auburn ever since.  In 2010, Monique advised me that my hearing was getting worse, especially on my right ear.  I was later referred to Dr Simon Greenberg where he advised me that I could benefit with a Cochlear Implant.

It has been 4 months since the operation, and in the last 2 months I have been going to Westside to have the Cochlear Implant programmed.  Jacqui and Michelle have been a tremendous help during this time.

I can finally say that I have made my family much happier, as they can finally talk to me without repeating themselves over an over again.  I no longer shout at them. I can finally play bingo without struggling like before!

I would like to thank all the people involved in my recovery.


Louise: (February 2022)
Great customer service

Rima: (January 2022)
Angelie is amazing with children.

Dinya: (January 2022)
Caring Audiologist was really good and caring to my daughter.

Houda: (January 2022)
Audiologist was kind, friendly and caring towards by child’s needs.

Jan: (January 2022)
Staff are amazing. Catherine is amazing and lovely.

Emina: (January 2022)
Very lovely staff. Explained everything and great with children.

Jeanette: (December 2021)
Thank you for your attention to my hearing needs and your kind welcome when I come in the clinic

Eileen: (December 2021)
Many thanks for the wonderful hearing care you provide me.

Waqas: (December 2021):
Very good service.

Anna: (December 2021):
Excellent on every level

Eric (10 yrs old) (December 2021):
Jacqui is very nice. She is friendly and tells me when something will tickle.

Simone: (December 2021):
Friendly, clean, professional, easy to park and appointment on time.

Antoinette: (November 2021):
Friendly and professional. Jacqui and Bev are very friendly and very professional.

Houda (Sept 2021)
My 2 kids (4 and 6 years old) love coming to this clinic. The Audiologists and receptionists are so kind and Good with kids.

Sam (Sept 2021)
Had to wait through lockdown for an appointment here. Well worth the wait. Very professional.

Anthony (age:7) (Sept 2021) I had fun today with Kim.
I hope I can come here again

Michelle (Sept 2021)
My hearing aids were fitted at another clinic and I wasn’t happy with the service I received. My doctor sent me here And the Audiologist adjusted the aids with such care – I’m now hearing better than ever. Marvelous.

Joseph (Oct 2021)
Very professional. On time.
Test results explained very clearly by Kim. Thank you.

Max (Oct 2021)
Everyone is very friendly and kind.
Makes you feel comfortable.
Very careful with tests. No rushing like I’ve had before.

Margaret (Oct 2021)
During lockdown, batteries were posted out to me very promptly.
I just had my annual test and the girls are so professional and caring. It’s a pleasure to come here. Jacqui is a treasure.

Otto (Oct 2021)
They have some amazing test equipment here.
Angelie tested our baby in the car while she was asleep in her car seat.

Ahmed (Oct 2021)
Thank you ladies. Very good service and testing. Angelie explained everything.

Mariam (Nov 2021)
Very kind people.
My son was very happy playing games for the hearing test.

Antoinette (Nov 2021)
Jacqui and Bev – friendly and professional. 10/10

David: (Apr 2021)
Friendly. Explanation of test and results were very good.

Cemal: (Apr 2021)
Excellent service.

Gabriel: (Apr 2021)
Very good with children.

Firas: (Apr 2021)
Great service an friendly staff.

Diane: (Apr 2021)
Excellent service. Very calming and patient. All extremely polite and kind.

Amy: (Mar 2021)
Great service, lovely with my son. Lovely nature of Audiologist Catherine. I was referred by a friend.

Bob: (Mar 2021)
10/10. Because Kim explained to me about how my hearing aids worked – especially the volume up and down button.

Sarah: (Mar 2021)
Very nice and helpful Audiologist.

Aheda: (Mar 2021)
Very thorough hearing test. The Audiologist explained everything.

Laurice: (Feb 2021)
Very wonderful staff- friendly, helpful and caring.

Iman: (Feb 2021)
Great ladies at the front, very helpful. Jacqui was wonderful with my daughter and gave us great feedback.

Mary: (Feb 2021)
Extremely likely to recommend this clinic to others. Very professional service.

Michael: (Feb 2021)
Jacqui is the most lovely, kind and patient person. She is so caring to my Mum

Amina: (Feb 2021)
Lovely staff, very friendly and great with children.

Sattar: (Jan 2021)
10/10 Would recommend this clinic for hearing and balance tests

Evelyn: (Jan 2021)
Good Service.

Lynn: (Jan 2021)
Very friendly and helpful

Samuel: (Jan 2021)
I had an amazing Audiologist too look after me.

Catherine: ( Dec 2020)
Thank you everyone for taking such good care of me always. It’s a pleasure to come into the clinic. See you all in the New Year.

Denise: (Dec 2020)
Thank you for all you have done for me.

Lorraine: (Dec 2020)
Thank you for for the wonderful attention you give me.

Joyce: (Dec 2020)
Thank you for the good service given to me during the year.

Dharren: (Dec 2020)
The Audiologist explained the difference between ability to hear loudness and ability to interpret meaning of different sounds.

Rashed: (Nov 2020)
Great service, very helpful and understanding.

Lily: (Nov 2020)
Friendly staff.

Sam: (Nov 2020)
10/10. It was very nice experience

Moustafa: (Oct 2020)
Very helpful and kind hearted.

Denise: (Oct 2020)
Really helpful advise and listened to me thoroughly

Michelle (Oct 2020)
Excellent with kids.

Jacqueline: (Sept 2020)
Beautiful service.

Finlay: (Sept 2020)
Very kind and patient with our son.

Lorraine: (Sept 2020)
The clinic has always treated me well and have always been very efficient in sending batteries etc. for my hearing aids to me. I used to bring my grandson as well.

Nada: (Sept 2020)
Good mannered people. Great service.

John: (Sept 2020)
Good service.

Corry: (Sept 2020)
Very courteous and helpful staff. I have come here for 5 years now and my husband previous to that.

Stephen: (Sept 2020)
Kim was fantastic. Very kind and explained to me the steps. I was very happy with Kim and highly recommend her.

Mahdi: (Aug 2020)
Very proferssional and supportive.

Bill: (Aug 2020)
Professional demeanor.

Joan: (Aug 2020)
Couldn’t get better service.

Masooda: (Jul 2020)
The staff are all friendly and helpful

Wendy: (Mar 2020)
The staff have all been wonderful on the desk. Kim was brilliant doing my testing.

Henry: (Mar 2020)
Very pleasant service. Thank you.

Liz: (Mar 2020)
10 out of 10 for the service I received.

Hassan: (Mar 2020)
10/10 Good Service

Sudas: (Mar 2020)
Angelie was superb with my 3 year old.

Thomas: (Mar 2020)
Treated very well.

Alia: (Mar 2020)
Very excellent. Thank you.

Kristy: (Mar 2020)
The lovely lady Jacqui was extremely knowledgeable and amazing with my 7 year old daughter.

Jacob: (Feb 2020)
Very professional and friendly.

Emina: (Feb 2020)
The ladies at the front desk were wonderful. Kim was just amazing with my 22 month old. Very patient.

Hana: (Feb 2020)
Great service and communication. Fantastic at dealing with kids!!

Sam: (Feb 2020)
Lovely Audiologist

Hawchad: (Feb 2020)
Thank you for making it happen. My new hearing aids make me feel like a new man

Janet: (Jan 2020)
Excellent service.

Amy: (Jan 2020)
Beautiful ladies. Helped with my son and felt very comfortable

Margaret: (Jan 2020)
Attentive and courteous. Very efficient and nice Audiologist.

Nhametua: (Jan 2020)
I would definitely recommend this clinic.

Tim: (Jan 2020)
Staff are good with kids>

Mustapha: (Dec 2019)
Quick, friendly, patient service.

Valentina: (Dec 2019)
Thank you Jacqui . It was amazing to be with you. I hope to see you again.

Sandra: (Dec 2019)
Friendly, attentive service. All issues patiently considered and favourably resolved

Hannon: (Dec 2019)
Great service. Great care with my 4 year old.

Marianne: (Nov 2019)
3 year old requiring hearing test. Excellent service.

Heidi: (Nov 2019)
Extremely likely to recommend this clinic.

Jorge: (Nov 2019)
10/10 for service

Susan: (Nov 2019)
The Audiologist is very attentive.

Sandy: (Nov 2019)
Perfect customer service. Jacqui and Carole.

Kim: (Nov 2019)
Kim is wonderful at explaining the processes and her reasoning of results. She is fantastic and patient with the children.

Marie: (Nov 2019)
Lovely receptionist Vivian who made my Mum comfortable.

Royce: (Nov 2019)
Thank you so much for the excellent service you provide. It is very much appreciated.

Rogelie: (Nov 2019)
Jacqui was very good with our daughter when she was doing her hearing test.

Kay: (Oct 2019)
Vivian the receptionist did a wonderful job.

Martin: (Oct 2019)
Excellent attention from Catherine. Well explained and informative.

Rita: (Oct 2019)
Staff at the clinic are fantastic, polite and are eager to assist.

Ali: (Oct 2019)
The Audiologist doing the hearing test was so patient and understanding with my 3 year old.

Sonia: (Oct 2019)
Understanding, supportive and quick service.

Jean: (Oct 2019)
The staff are amazing. Nice, very kind and patient.

Mariam: (Oct 2019)
Amazing, beautiful ladies and Audiologists. Kind and friendly.

Danielle: (Oct 2019)
Great with children, friendly and helpful  Thanks!

Mohamed: (Sept 2019)
Very friendly and efficient people.

Diana: (Sept 2019)
Great service. Efficient and friendly.

Trish: (Aug 2019)
Wonderful service.

Kim-Chou: (Aug 2019)
Kim is very friendly, professional and educational. Fantastic with my active, cheeky 5 year old. Fantastic at explaining the methodology and medical terms.

Julie: (Aug 2019)
Excellent staff and service/treatment.

Manny: (Aug 2019)
Professional at every visit.

Abo: (Aug 2019)
Fantastic service.

Gladice: (Aug 2019)
Great feedback about the hearing test. Very professional>

Sam: (Jul 2019)
Friendly staff.

Teresa: (Jul 2019)
Polite, efficient service and knowledgeable staff.

Annunziata: (Jul 2019)
Very polite and timely staff and Audiologists.

Ileona: (Jun 2019)
Very good service. Appreciate the kindness and commitment to ensure that the client is satisfied. Great! Great! Great! Thank you.

Kati: (Jun 2019)
Beautiful and friendly service.

Said: (Jun 2019)
They are really helpful. Excellent to deal with.

Janelle: (Jun 2019)
Very happy with service and attention.

Lindsay: (Jun 2019)
Good service.

John: (May 2019)
Carole provides wonderful customer service.

Barbara: (May 2019)
Very helpful and friendly.

Sergio: (May 2019)
Very, very good

Zak: (Apr 2019)
Angelie works well with children. She was friendly and patient.

Todd: (Apr 2019)
Always good service. Have been coming for many years.

Vicki: (Apr 2019)
Attentive and professional staff.

Tanya: (Apr 2019)
Very friendly with my 2 year old. Audiologist took her time to get the child comfortable.

James: (Apr 2019)
Excellent service.

Soraya: (Apr 2019)
Audiologist was very professional and wonderful.

Zayneb: (Mar 2019)
Lovely staff. Hearing assessment for my daughter was flawless.

Zee: (Mar 2019)
Jacqui is an amazing woman.

Faith: (Mar 2019)
Great service, ladies were lovely and made me feel very comfortable.

Jane: (Mar 2019)
Excellent service and very understanding.

Sally: (Mar 2019)
Good company and my child was calm.

Anna: (Feb 2019)
Jacqui has a wonderful way about her- very good with children/with Eli. Eli likes her a lot. Very good clinic practice – with Admin and emailing reports

Lina:  (Feb 2019)
Friendly service.

Fouad:  (Feb 2019)
Job was done professionally.  Very happy to come here.  Friendly and expert at what they do.

Simita:  (Feb 2019)
All round great service, first in efficient.

Mary: (Jan 2019)
Jacqui is amazing.

John: (Jan 2019)
Staff are so friendly and accommodating.

Billy:  (Jan 2019)
Great service, very friendly and professional.

Heather: (Dec 2018)
Very satisfied with service.

William: (Dec 2018)
Amazing, helpful staff.

Agnes: (Nov 2018)
Excellent customer service.

Stella: (Nov 2018)
Friendly staff.  Good location with lift access at Bankstown.

Jean: (Nov 2018)
The staff very helpful and the clinic is very clean.

Mariam: (Nov 2018)
Very lovely and friendly staff.

Petar (10 yrs old): (Nov 2018)
Nothing and no one is perfect, but this place is awesome.

Sam: (Oct 2018)
Staff were friendly. Very informative and supportive.

Erica (9yrs old):
No one is rude and they all greet us politely with a “hi” or “hello”.  the testing is also good by not hurting your ears.

Tamika (5yrs old): (Oct 2018)
The staff are nice and make things fun.  Calm and very quiet.  I also like the stickers for kids.

Frank: (Oct 2018)
Long time hearing aid customer.  Good product.  Good team.

Sofina:  (Oct 2018)
Very friendly staff.

Linda:  (Oct 2018)
Friendly staff and very professional.  They’re good at what they do.

Tracey:  (Sept 2018)
Lovely.  Extremely helpful.

Mark:  (Sept 2018)
Excellent service.

Bessie:  (Sept 2018)
I have been coming here for years.  Very good service.  Angelie is lovely and so are the receptionists.

Marina:  (Sept 2018)
The Audiologist is simply amazing and always able to manage my hearing needs.

Kelly:  (Sept 2018)
Fantastic testing for my daughter by Jacqui.  She was so patient and made the process so fun for my daughter.  Thank you!

Abdo:  (Sept 2018)
Very friendly service and speaks clearly.

Hoda:  (Sept 2018)
All done professionally.

Helen:  (Sept 2018)
Jacqui was delightful and very knowledgable.  Receptionist is lovely

Olivia:  (Sept 2018)
Great friendly service.

Kirindy:  (Sept 2018)
Jacqui was amazing with my 2 year old.  He had so much fun, which made the experience so wonderful.

Sharon:  (Sept 2018)
Kind, caring and patient service from clinician towards my child.   Thank you.

Jemma:  (Sept 2018)
Service was great, from Vicki at reception to Kim who actually conducted the tests.  Very detailed.  Great with Annie.  Overall perfect service.  Thank you

Henry: (Sept 2018)
All the staff and Audiologists are very patient and very kind to clients.

Rita: (Sept 2018)
All so good.

Fatima: (Aug 2018)
Good, friendly service.  On time and professional.

Amani: (Aug 2018)
Very friendly, nice service.  Jacqui is really good.

Jeanette: (Aug 2018)
10/10 excellent service.

Sarah: (Aug 2018)
Great service.

Kirsty: (Aug 2018)
Lovely receptionists and very nice and kid-friendly audiologist.

Sam: (Aug 2018)
Efficient, helpful and thorough.

John: (Jun 2018)
Many thanks to Kim and “front of house”.

Amelia: (Jun 2018)
Great service, friendly staff.

Katie: (Jun 2018)
Lovely friendly service.

Susan: (Jun 2018)
The best place for kids.

Anna:  (Jun 2018)
Excellent staff & friendly customer service.

Sam: (May 2018)
Extremely accommodating and sweet staff!

Lucia: (May 2018)
Lovely customer service to my child.  Friendly.  Discussed everything to me.  “Thank you”

Houda: (May 2018)
Easy to access.

Julie: (May 2018)
Kind attitude and thorough testing.

Kate: (Apr 2018)
Audiologist was very good with my 18 month old.  Patient and still able to get readings.

George: (Apr 2018)
Polite staff.  Nice rooms.

Cynthia: (Apr 2018)
Jacqui was excellent and so patient with my kids.  Knows exactly what to do.  She’s great.

Sam: (Apr 2018)
Very impressed with the service.

Rita: (Mar 2018)
Very quiet.  Patient. Kind. Helpful and very good people. Full of trust.

John: (Mar 2018)
Excellent service.  Very friendly.

Mariam: (mar 2018)
Very helpful and polite team.  Starting from reception all the way to the lovely Jacqui.

Rebecca: (Feb 2018)
Fantastic consultation and this is the second time too.  Very happy.  Informative. Professional and exceptionally patient with a 3.5 year old. Thank you!!!.  Kim and staff.

Ian: (Feb 2018)
Great professional service.

Jennifer: (Feb 2018)
Jacqui is amazing.  Relates well with children.

Sara: (Feb 2018)
The test was very good.

Tania: (Feb 2018)

Tim: (Jan 2018)
Great with kids.

Charles: (Jan 2018)
I have been more than happy with the service I have received.

John: (Jan 2018)
Great service and care.

Hibah: (Jan 2018)

Nadim: (Jan 2017)
Very good people and friendly (receptionists and audiologist)

Henry: (Jan 2018)
Friendly and efficient service.

Lorraine: (Jan 2018)
Can hear so much better now with my new hearing aids.  Thank you.

Eileen: (Jan 2018)
Very caring staff.

NGS: (Jan 2018)
Friendly, helpful, explain, empathetic.

Chris: (Dec 2017)
Lovely reception.  Lovely Audiologist.  Very friendly to my child.

Tanya: (Dec 2017)
Amazing, caring customer service and audiologists.

Mariam:  (Nov 2017)
Very happy with the service.

Dianne: (Nov 2017)
Good service and easy to get appointments.

Sarah: (Nov 2017)
The staff are extremely helpful and very capable in their work.

Jana:  (Nov 2017)
The audiologist is very polite, helpful and the front desk ladies are amazing!!  Keep up the good work.

Catherine: (Nov 2017)
It is always such a pleasure to enter Reception – the staff are so friendly and professional.  You are treated with the utmost respect.  Very satisfied!   My local GP gave me a choice of N.S.E.W.  I chose this clinic for convenience – no regrets!  Have already recommended this clinic to many others.

Natalia: (Nov 2017)
Excellent service.  Friendly and warm with kids.

Shaun: (Nov 2017)
Friendly and great with kids.

Saide: (Nov 2017)
Jacqui was very professional and delightful to deal with.  She made my son feel really comfortable.

John: (Nov 2017)
Great service.

Paula: (Oct 2017)
We find the staff very accommodating and friendly.  Especially for the elderly and the little ones.  Mum’s been here for a lot of years.  Catherine is her favourite.

Anne: (Oct 2017)
Fab doctor, explains detail.

Royce: (Oct 2017)
Thank you very much for the fine service.

Maliha: (Oct 2017)
Staff are very polite and friendly.

Mariam: (Oct 2017)
Jaqui is very good, warm and friendly.  Made my son at ease and comfortable.  Very professional.

Jessica: (Oct 2017)
Friendly, take the time, good explanation.

Jess: (Oct 2017)

Sam: (Oct 2017)
Excellent service.

Isabelle: (Oct 2017)
Friendly and very professional.

Michelle: (Sept 2017)
Friendly and professional staff.

Jan: (Sept 2017)
Smiling, welcoming and helpful.

Sasha: (Sept 2017)
I have given Westside 10 out of 10 because they are always nice to me.

John: (Sept 2017)
My 93 year old Dad was tested and fitted with new hearing aids by Angelie.  She was very thorough, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

Ms P: (Sept 2017)
All the staff have wonderful customer service.

Jodie: (Aug 2017)
Kim was lovely. Child friendly and fast.  Very reassuring and made Adam feel so comfortable.  Thankyou.

Adel: (Aug 2017)
Extremely helpful, informative and friendly.  Made Mum very comfortable.

Modc: (Aug 2017)
Excellent, polite and on time service.

Anthony: (Aug 2017)
Very prompt and friendly service.

Lakiveer: (Aug 2017)
Good Service.

Rhianan: (Jul 2017)
Lovely staff and very professional.

Sam and Jamila:  (Jul 2017)
The girls are fantastic.

Paul: (Jul 2017)
Courteous manner and treatment given to me.

Jill: (Jul 2017)
Lovely and professional customer service!  Clean as well:) Lovely front desk lady.  10/10

John: (Jul 2017)
They are very friendly and helping.  They go out of their way to help.

Pradip: (Jun 2017)
Very friendly staff.

Angela: (Jun 2017)
Friendly staff.

John:  (Jun 2017)
Friendly and thorough,

Wendy: (Jun 2017)

Jacqui was fantastic with my son.  Very patient and kind.  Thankyou.

Charles: (Jun 2017)
Excellent service.

Notta: (Jun 2017)
Thank you Jacqui.

Tracey: (May 2017)
Very excellent service.  Jacqueline is so warm and friendly.  Nice staff too.

Sue: (May 2017)
Excellent customer service.

Sam: (May 2017)
Wonderful service.  Wonderful people.

Harry: (May 2017)
Best test I have ever had.  After my hearing aids were adjusted, I am now hearing the best I have for years.

Sukan: (May 2017)
Kind approach.

Dennis: (Apr 2017)
Knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Sam: (Apri 2017)
Very lovely staff

Fahed:  (Apr 2017)
I couldn’t find nicer people to look after me.  I’ve been coming to this clinic for 9 years.

Sarina: (Mar 2017)
Friendly Staff.

Hanedi: (Mar 2017)
Ladies at counter were nice.  Lady inside doing test was amazing and really caring.  Patient and lovely.

Vicki:  (Mar 2017)
Wonderful staff.

Samir:  (Mar 2017)
Very helpful and knowledgeable.

Dylan:  (Feb 2017)
Great staff members, very polite.  It’s our third visit.  Wouldn’t go anywhere else.  All smiles which is great.

Dia:  (Feb 2017)
Excellent service.

Jackie:  (Feb 2017)
Really professional and great with kids.  My son did’t lose interest.

Alana:  (Feb 2017)
Great patience with my daughter by Jacqui.

Metiye:  (Feb 2017)
Very good receptionist and they are friendly too.

Elomar:  (Jan 2017)
Beautiful receptionist and lovely friendly Audiologist.

Donna:  (Jan 2017)
Always so helpful.  Have been coming for a long time.

Sue:  (Jan 2017)
Great and friendly staff.  Very professional.

Judy:  (Jan 2017)
Such wonderful staff, expert care.

Ilham:  (Jan 2017)
Best people and best service.

NGS:  (Dec 2016)
Friendly and helpful.

Khadija:  (Dec 2016)
Kim Vu was amazing.  She took her time to explain everthing to me with care and gentleness.

Fay: (Nov 2016)
Excellent care.

Chris: (Nov 2016)
Good service, friendly staff.

Jasmina: (Nov 2016)
Fabulous service – excellent explanations.

Joanne:  (Nov 2016)
Very efficient, on time, pleasant staff, clear with instructions and recommendations.

Mariam: (Nov 2016)
Great to deal with.

Nawheel: (Oct 2016)
Very helpful.

Mirna: (Oct 2016)
Very attentive and professional.  Very friendly.

Virginia: (Oct 2016)
Service right from reception to completion of test.

Lisa: (Oct 2016)
Boys were comfortable with the clinic tester.

Mirwat: (Oct 2016)
Attention to details and friendly service.

Ivana: (Oct 2016)
Very friendly/helpful staff

Holly: (Sept 2016)
Very Friendly staff.

John: (Sept 2016)
Was able to get a next day appointment and the Audiologist was fantastic.

Anne: (Sept 2016)
The best customer service

Susan: (Sept 2016)
Very polite and helpful.  Informative in a way easily understood.

Allan: (Sept 2016)
I wish to state that the service I received at your clinic was above excellent.  The attention of your receptionist is always friendly, polite, professional and efficient.  I am usually attended to by Karima, who demonstrates a high knowledge of her profession in a very friendly and explicit manner.

Mona: (Sept 2016)
Happy with all services.

Sam: (Sept 2016)
Helpful reception and friendly staff all round.

David: (Sept 2016)
We liked the professionalism and care received.

Sarha: (Aug 2016)
Excellent Service.

Peter: (Aug 2016)
Nothing too much trouble.

Jill: (Aug)
Very friendly, informative and caring.

Maryam: (Aug 2016)
Excellent service. Polite.

Alwa: (Aug 2016)
The service I received was of high quality.

Robert: (July 2016)
Excellent Care.

Maria: (June 2016)
Consultants are very helpful and so is the secretary.

Aisha: (June 2016)
Efficient Service.

Nelly: (June 2016)
Friendly staff.

Peter: (June 2016)
Staff were amazingly friendly and efficient.

Sebastian: (June 2016)
The staff were very nice and everything was explained well and thoroughly.

Glenn: (May 2016)
Karima and reception staff very professional and obliging.

Saima: (May 2016)
Friendly and understanding staff at reception and consultation.

Mili: (May 2016)
Hearing test of great service.  Jacqui was very pleasant while dealing with Alex.

Suzie: (May 2016)
My child is 2 and Jacqui was absolutely wonderful making him comfortable.

Debbie: (May 2016)
Very professional and friendly

Nadia: (April 2016)
Staff were extremely friendly, especially to my 3yr old son.

Henry: (April 2016)
Friendly service.

Therese: (April 2016)
Very helpful for years.

Daniela: (April 2016)
Great staff.  Very friendly and great communication.  Jacqui is amazing with kids.  Thanks:)

Sue: (Mar 2016)
Such beautiful, cheerful, friendly staff.  Thorough and helpful.

Rona: (Mar 2016)
Great Service.  Great Audiologist.

Janine: (Mar 2016)
Excellent service.  Beautiful staff.  Jacqui is wonderful with children.

Elissa: (Mar 2016)
Friendly staff.  Fantastic with my children.

J:  (Mar 2016)
Friendly service.

Derek: (Mar 2016)
Friendly, knowledgeable service.

C: (Mar 2016)
Great staff

Kate: (Mar 2016)
Jacqui was lovely.

Gebara: (Mar 2016)
On time, friendly, efficient, great with children.

Chris: (Mar 2016)
Excellent service.  Everyone was just lovely!

Margaret: (Mar 2016)
Excellent service – very friendly

Elizabeth: (Feb 2016)
Very friendly Audiologist and Receptionist.  Great with kids.

Samer: (Feb 2016)
Amazing staff.

Jasmine: (Feb 2016)
Jacqui is amazing with kids.

Jean: (Feb 2016)
Courteous and friendly service.

Julie: (Jan 2016)
Lovely service and extremely friendly

Lana: (Jan 2016)
Excellent staff

Penny: (Jan 2016)
Great service by Receptionist and Audiologist

Natalie: (Jan 2016)
Both ladies at front desk were very helpful, lovely.  The lady doing hearing test was wonderful with my daughter.

Henry: (Jan 2016)
Friendly service.

Linda: (Jan 2016)
Polite, efficient, friendly, personal service.

Julia: (Jan 2016)
Wonderful staff and experience with children

Max (Jan 2016)
Caring. Considerate. Professional.

Joe (Jan 2016)
Excellent assistance, lovely staff

Mark (Jan 2016)
Helpful and understanding assistance

Lillian (Dec 2015)
Very patient with the child and really seemed to care

Julie (Dec 2015)
Friendly and great knowledge

Joanne (Dec 2015)
Catherine was fantastic with the kids

Brian (Dec 2015)
Pleasant nature and very helpful for now and the future.

Fauzio (Dec 2015)
Jacqui is so lovely and gentle with both children and mum!  Jacqui explains everything in simple English.

Danielle (Nov 2015)
Excellent with children

Howard (Nov 2015)
Friendly, good service

Abdul-Salan (Nov 2015)
The staff was very professional and friendly

Michelle (Nov 2015)
I have had bad experiences at another service with an EC nurse who had no people skills with adults or children.  Our ENT doctor said he trusts results from here:)

Tode (Nov 2015)
Because you help me like my mother.

Kathy (Nov 2015)
Very friendly staff, extremely knowledgeable and take the time to explain and discuss results

(Jan 2015)
* Great service, very good with children and friendly.
* Everyone is just lovely! Not enough of it today, it’s fantastic. Thank you.

* Clear explanation. Unhurried consultation.

* Friendly staff. Great service>

* We have had excellent treatment from all the staff.

* Friendly service.  Very welcoming. No waiting time.

* The very pleasant staff, right from the reception to the test by “Kim”. And it was done on time!

* Very lovely staff. Terrific service.

* Great friendly service.  Mum is very happy everytime she visits.

Anna (Jan 2015)
Everybody in the surgery was fantasticly helpful and kind.

Cathy (Jan 2015)
Very calm manner and thorough explanation of details of the test and follow up with all staff

Sr Margaret
Many thanks for all your help and attention in replacing my hearing aids recently.  You are certainly a great team and experts in your work.  May God bless you and your work.  With gratitude.


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