Ear Protection

At Westside, we are committed to providing comfortable, effective ear plugs and hearing protection for swimming, noise, music, sleep and especially for children with grommets

Custom Made Ear Plugs

A Good Fit


Custom-Made Ear Plugs

FOR MUSICIANS AND DJ’s: Varying levels of attenuation are available depending on your music, instrument, band or orchestra.

FOR UNDISTURBED SLEEP: For those who are required to work in the evenings or who are sensitive to ambient traffic, TV or people noise – like snoring.

FOR SWIMMERS: Young and old – especially for those who have had ear problems and for children who have had grommets inserted.

How do we ensure a perfect fit for you?

We take an impression of your ear shape using special ear moulding material like Dentists use. The impressions are sent to a lab that specialises in creating custom-made silicone ear plugs.

You’ll have a choice of colours, a handle or a cord for easy removal. Your earplugs come in a handy zip case with a cleaning cloth.


With name $200


DOC’S ProPlugs: $35 pair off-the-shelf (not custom-made)

VIP SERVICE: Delivery within 48 hours +$70

Girl having hearing test

Ear Protection

If you know of any family, friend or person you care about who would benefit from ear protection, please ask them to give Westside Hearing and Balance Clinic a call on 9749 4444 or book an appointment.