Video chatting is now a preferred way to stay in touch with family, friends and work mates, especially when the area is in ‘lock down’. Here’s some tips for getting the best out of this medium even when wearing hearing aids.

When using Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Whatsapp, or Houseparty …

  1. Do let others know of the challenges you or others in the meeting are experiencing with video conferencing. Offer some tips.
  2. Stagger meeting and keep them brief.
  3. Use a variety of visual communication tools, such as whiteboard, screen sharing.
  4. Provide visual presentations and agenda in advance to all participants, including the interpreter and/or captioner.
  5. Use instant or live closed captioning. Possible apps include Live Transcribe, Otter Voice Meeting Notes, Speech Notes, Voice Notebook and e-Dictate.
  6. Implement a turn-taking protocol for all to follow and require all to identify themselves by name before speaking
  7. Assign a notetaker in advance of the meeting.
  8. Mute audio when not talking
  9. If anyone hasn’t participated in a while, host and others need ensure they have a opportunity to be engaged.
  10. Use the chat feature for questions and comments.

Consider making use of amplified telephones and analog captioned phones