Cochlear Implants

for sensorineural moderate‐to‐profound hearing loss

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About Cochlear Implants

The best treatment for your hearing loss depends on its type and severity. Hearing aids can help many people with mild to moderately severe hearing loss ‐ improving their general hearing and understanding of speech in most situations. However if you have a conductive hearing loss or a severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss, even the most advanced and powerful hearing aids may not be enough. When this is the case, an implantable solution may be a good option.

Westside/The Hearing Clinic partners with Cochlear, the global leader in implantable hearing solutions, to offer different hearing loss treatments for the different types and degrees of hearing loss.

In addition to our hearing aid practice, Westside offers assessment, programming and management of cochlear implants and Baha bone conduction solutions.

Cochlear Implants

A cochlear implant is a routine medical option designed to help children and adults with at least a sensorineural moderate‐to‐profound hearing loss, to communicate more easily. It is an option when attempts to improve hearing ability, with powerful hearing aids, no longer provide assistance. Unlike hearing aids, which amplify sound, a cochlear implant bypasses the damaged part of the ear and stimulates the hearing nerve directly.


Funding and Insurance

In Australia, public and private funding options are available for people considering a cochlear implant. The Baha system is reimbursed with no gap under the appropriate level of private health insurance (hospital) cover. Funding is also available from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, as well as some public funding (state and federal).

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Cochlear Implants

If you or someone you know would like more information about Cochlear Implants, please give Westside a call and book an appointment for a consultation.