How much does a hearing aid cost?
Costs for Pensioners and DVA Patients?
What about hearing tests?

Costs of Hearing Aids

Funding & Insurance

Costs of Ear Plugs

Costs of Tests

What are the costs of a hearing aid?

We are asked this question frequently.
It’s a logical question.
But it’s like asking how much does a computer cost?

What are the features?
What do you expect from your device?
Do you want added extras like bluetooth connection?
Would you prefer a very small, compact device?

At Westside we provide hearing aids that are tailored to meet your needs with amplification that is comfortable for your lifestyle.

Hearing aids cost from $1200 each. This includes:

  • Programming and fitting
  • Instruction on the use of the aid, cleaning and maintenance.
  • Two follow up consultations – 30 mins each
  • 3 year international warranty
  • 2 x pkts of batteries (for a non-rechargeable aid)
  • Cleaning kit and carry case

Our most expensive hearing aid costs $8,000 with all of the inclusions listed above, as well as a charging device.

Our Audiologists take the time to ensure that that when you decide to try a hearing aid, you’ll be fitted with a device that provides a very comfortable listening experience.
It will be priced to suit your budget.

Pensioners and DVA Patients

Of course, Pensioners and DVA patients are entitled to FREE and subsidised hearing aids through the Government Hearing Services Program.

Funding and Insurance

In Australia, public and private funding options are available for people considering a cochlear implant. The Baha system is reimbursed with no gap under the appropriate level of private health insurance (hospital) cover. Funding is also available from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, as well as some public funding (State and Federal).

Costs for Plugs

Custom-made swim plugs $90 each $180 pair
Musicians’ Ear Plugs $190
Doc’s ProPlugs (off the shelf) $35 pair
Ear Wraps $25
Ear Moulds $50 each
Mould re-tube $50
VIP Service (24 hours) $70 per H/aid


Costs for Tests

HEARING TEST/AUDIOGRAM including Tympanometry $160 $70.60
BALANCE ASSESSMENT/ENG – including Caloric Tests, EOG, VEMP’s and V-HIT Bulk Bill
ABR – Auditory Brainstem Test Bulk Bill
ECoG – ElectroCochleaogram Bulk Bill
OAE – OtoAcoustic Emission Test Bulk Bill
CERA – Cortical Evoked Response Audiometry Bulk Bill
CAPD TESTING – Central Auditory Processing Assessment (cannot be claimed from Medicare) $420
AUDIOGRAM/TYMPANOMETRY with percentage loss $165


FEES APPLY for Workers’ Compensation Patients and for those who do not have a current Medicare Card.

Other Costs

If you know of any family or friend who would like to know about hhow much hearing solutions are likely to cost, please give Westside Hearing and Balance Clinic a call on 9749 4444 or book an appointment.